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Since All of you scouts can never hold on to the papers I give you at meetings, I have decided to include this page on our site. Here I will try to keep all the current handouts up so you can download them if you lose them. I plan on putting all files in simpletext form so everyone can read them. All you have to do is click on the file and drag and drop it onto your desktop (Some of the files do not look the same in your web browser as in simple text, so download them, and then print them off.).

**Note: I have not included the phone list for internet safety reasons. If you would like a copy, e-mail me at Thanks**

This is the troop 900 calendar for the years of 2001-2002. It contains the schedule for all campouts, meetings, and other activities.
This is the current troop roster. It should include correct patrol names, and ranks of all thes couts as of 11/21/01.
This document is aimed towards Webelos looking for a troop. It tells you all about our troop and what we do. It also has times for meetings when you can come and visit.
This is the same document as above, just in word format. It is a bit neater than the one in simpletext.

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