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Upcoming Events

Mission Peak (Night Hike)
September 14

When- We will be leaving from the church Saturday, September 14th at 5:15 PM.
Where- We will be going to Mission Peak in Fremont.
Activities- This is a great hike for the new scouts, especially the ones that have never gone on a longer hike (like this) before. Mission Peak is one of the Rim Rover progressive patches. After completing their first hike, scouts will recieve the Rim Rovers backpatch (shown at the right) and a chevron, stating the mountain they have climbed, to place around it.
Home- We will arrive home in the late evening of Saturday, the 14.

Troop Meeting
September 16

Skill/Activity- Devin will be presenting the troop with the correct way to create a Menu and Jobs list for a campout. Along with this every patrol will be assigned a patrol box, will inspect their equipment, and will put it away clean.
Special-  Troop 900 is introducing a new job this year, Troop Guide. The troop guide's responsiblity is to lead a younger patrol and help them plan, prepare for, and carry out their jobs and responsibilities at campouts and troop meetings. The Seagulls will continue to be a patrol, but each member is going to be assigned a younger patrol to guide.

Troop Meeting
September 23


Campout (Cutter S.R.)
September 27, 28, 29

Where- Cutter Scout Reservation

Court of Honor
September 30

Make sure to have your Boards of Reviews and Scout Master conferences because the next Court of Honor won't be until the middle of the year. 

More coming

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